Quality Assurance & Localization Testing


Our efforts are quality-centered: we execute a quality control check at all stages of production. Our services range from functional testing to localization testing and compliance checks to make sure your title reaches the market according to your expectations.

These verifications, executed in coordination with the translation and audio departments, enable us to refine the translation's relevance in context and aim for a results that match your expectations.
Through methodical reporting and tracking of defects, our team is here to assist you from the test planning until the verification of fixed issues and final sanity checks.

Anakan offers localization test services in 18 languages:





  • Project Management & Risk Mitigation

    Project Managers (PMs) are responsible for every step of the Localization process and ensure top quality assets are delivered on time within a controlled budget.

    Localization Quality Assurance Testing is carried out by trained resources, led by a coordinator or QA Lead. Our QA Leads will be your dedicated contacts during the entire project cycle.

    Our QA technicians are hand-picked with these key criterions in mind:

    • great attention to detail
    • native speaker of target language with great linguistic skills
    • good EN skills
    • University degree or equivalent
    • IT literate (particularly MS Office)
    • interest in games
    • organizational skills
    • interpersonal skills

    Each project can be tested with the support of scripted checklists to allow a methodical asset-per-asset approach.

    Through functional, linguistic and certification testing, our QA technicians track and report found defects before making sure they can confirm they are fixed in your game.

  • Testing

    We work with our own tools but are able to adapt to the specificities of our clients' process - for example by using specific bug databases (Devtrack, Mantis, Jira), content management platforms (for builds and text assets or documentation), text files processing software and by visiting development sites across the globe.


    Our testers are passionate about gaming and familiar with game mechanics which makes it easy for them to adapt to different games and report any issues found with your title’s behaviour while testing the game in as many intended and unintended in-game interactions possible.

    Any stability issue, bad handling of user input (interruptions, destructive and save/load operations, peripheral handlings) or unexpected in-game behaviour is rigorously escalated and cross-checked throughout the different languages you want your game tested in.

    Linguistic QA

    Highly proficient in their native language, our testers search, report and offer a relevant and realistic fix for every text-related issue they come across; from spelling and grammar to consistency and layout (text overflows, truncations, unsupported characters, etc.).

    As passionate gamers, they are also familiar with the markets you are trying to reach and will help make your titles better, ensuring that it is using adequate gaming terminology, relevant in-game speech (style, form of address, characterisation, etc.) and that it is free of any cultural issue for the countries you target.

    Simultaneous cross-language testing is also driven with a specific accent on consistency to make sure your product is adapted to each language while remaining consistent throughout them all.

    Compliance and certification

    A thorough check of first-party (TCRs, TRCs, Lotcheck) guidelines and terminology is enforced to help your title be released from submission with the best record possible.

    The accent on functional stability and terminology is also upheld on any other titles that do not require TRCs, TCRs and Lotcheck so that you are sure your end product is tightly consistent and that its gameplay and functionalities provide for the best gaming experience!