Dubbing video games is not that different from dubbing movies. Where we go beyond subtitling video games is that we work on all manners of video content from promotional videos, to viral ads, documentaries, soap operas & talk shows & making ofs.

Over the years we have been privileged to work for clients such as BBC Worldwide, Cartoon Network, Disney Television France & France 3.


Subtitling 101:

We follow a tried and true method of creating subtitles that we broke down to the following steps:

  • Creation of a low resolution version of the source video
  • Transcription
  • Detection of the time codes (TC in, TC out)
  • Translation of subtitles
  • Simulation
  • GFX localization (titles, OST, captions, credits)
  • HD video generation with subtitles (hardsubs, prerendered or softsubs)


The tools we use:

We build time codes using a range of industry formats or use client-specified formats. We use After Effects, Nuke & Autodesk Maya for VFX creation; Final Cut Pro for editing and rendering and Expression Encoder Pro for file compression.