Localization is more than just translation. A project has to be adapted to the target language, culture and market. This is why localization requires a collection of skills: Linguistic, technical and artistic. Anakan has them all under one roof!

We are result-driven, but first and foremost we are always listening to you, our client. We want to go that extra mile and help you achieve a result that will resonate with your target audience. To that end, we first help you identify your needs and we adapt our services accordingly.

Looking for one of the services below?

Translation, proofreading and adaptation, voice talent casting, dubbing, post-production, SFX, localization engineering and integration, 2D and 3D computer graphics, DTP and Quality Assurance testing.


  • Translation

    Our Linguistic Coordinators and Project Managers work with a selection translators and editors. Our translators are all linguists and video game specialists, and they work according to a specific method:
    • Pre-production: Analysis of the game type and its universe, choice of terminology and glossary creation.

    • Streamlined workflow: Translation and adaptation of the different elements (UI, script, manual, EULA), editing and proofreading are systematically done in-house.

    Anakan offers translations into more than 30 languages:



  • Dubbing

    The work of our audio team has garnered praise in the form of both critics' and gamers' reviews of the games we worked on.

    We take the security of our infrastructure and studios very seriously - we have systems in place to ensure the confidentiality of assets during production.

    We work with a large casting database containing more than 1,500 French, English, German and Russian voice samples, with some of the best dubbing actors that the cinema, TV and video game industries have to offer:
    The official voices of actors such as Harrison Ford, Al Pacino, Samuel L. Jackson and many more are regulars in our studios. And we have access to a large community of international actors to address specific requests.

    Together with three partner companies, the ExeQuo Group is active in a R&D program called "Voice 4 Games" that is focused on the development of proprietary tools. Currently we work on two of them:

    Casting Manager™, an audio signal characterization tool that filters a database of audio samples to identify a voice with specific requirements (i.e.: timbre, age). The objective is to provide better castings on very large audio products in less time.

    Auto Loudness Levelling, that provides solutions for loudness correction, audio conversion and upmixing. It is designed for projects with a huge number of audio files, including those with multiple languages. The objective is to reduce the human workload and ensure the technical consistency of audio files at the QA stages of production.

  • Engineering

    Engineering is integral to every step of localization services. Whether our engineers are involved in software analysis, build engineering and mastering, bugfixing, scripting and technical support, they are the guys that enable the creative teams to get on with being creative!

    In video game development localization engineering has a direct impact on the efficiency of our process, and the quality of our delivery. Our engineers are the ones who program a macro, harmonize files or provide troubleshooting when one of our tools is not working as it should. Even better, they work on improving those tools.

    In our experience, insufficient attention to localization engineering can tie up creative teams in technical knots and lead to duplicate activities and delays - ultimately resulting in increased costs, or products defects. We have the know-how and the technical skills that help us avoid those pitfalls.

    The Exequo Group's loc engineers possess the know-how and deal with the following languages, tools and environments:
    C/C++, Java, HTML5, Silverlight, TFS & Perforce, CAT tools and proprietary languages.

    What we provide:
    Localization kit creation, reintegration (texts, audio, graphic design), compilation and technical support.