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LEGO Jurassic World
image lego

  • Client : Warner Bros

  • Services : Translation & audio
  • Languages : DE, ES, MX
  • Platform : 
  • Launch : 2015









«  …it's always a pleasure to watch the splendidly animated plastic heroes waggle around like their true counterparts or in slapstick-style. In addition, all characters have their original voices (in either English or German) »


« "PRESENTATION: + original voices from the movies"»


« The great graphics are supported by an impressive sound. The game profits greatly from the movie versions, using the original score and sound effects from the movies as well as the voice actors of the respective characters. Those voices suit the yellow little men much better, rather than casting new voices. This certainly has a postive effect on the general atmosphere of the game. The original dubbing makes a good impression, and the well established gameplay is quick to pick up»


« Bit by bit you are fighting your way through authentic but restricted areas of the pre-historic park. These come to life thanks to the characters' original voice actors, an omnipresent soundtrack and detailed characters - with slight changes to the narrative.»
« The stroke of genius is the soundtrack. The original movie score by John Williams hits the mark and with the very first note you're  invited to visit the pre-historic park. On top there are many dialogue scenes true to the script of the original movies, which were voiced by the original German voice actors. It almost seems like the scenes from the original movie track were used. But no matter if newly recorded or recycled: the accoustic result is a movie-like, although the German version has sound issues in some parts, where the dialogue is drowned out and sound effects are truncated. »
Whether it's the level design, the well known movie score or the original voices - Lego Jurassic World conveys the flair of the movies brilliantly.
The level design evokes an immediate familiarity if you've seen the movies. Although the possible outcome of the respective scenes are of course not always the same as in the movies (running away and screaming does get tiresome in a game…), the atmoshphere of the movies is beautifully re-created. This is certainly emphasised by the fact that in most parts the Lego-characters were voiced by their original voice actors from the movies.