We're different


In 16 years Anakan slowly grew into its position of a leader on the European video game localization market by being focused on two things: Top-notch quality and Doing things differently.

What makes us different? We pride have the ability to offer solutions for even the most extraordinary request. The way we approach localization is that we go beyond the translation of word or a voice. It is a matter of identifying the needs you have in order to find the best solution for you. We have the engineering talent on board to constantly improve our process and to adapt quickly to yours.

We invest a lot of our time and resources in research & development and are working on a project baptized "Voice 4 Games", destined to develop a set of vocal signal processing and analysis tools that will become part of our service offer.

On top, we bring a bulletproof in-house QA process on all assets and all languages. With checks at all stages of production (translation proofreading & spot-checks, audio QA check, loc testing). We perform these checks on all outsourced content, regardless of the project type.

Lastly, we do all of this multilingually. We are used to work with projects requiring 14-15 languages simoultaneously. We do not deliver quality in one language, we deliver it in all of them.


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  • ExeQuo is a member of Cap Digital, the cluster regrouping companies of the digital sector in the Paris region.


  • ExeQuo is the Laureate of the 2013 Innovative Company label attributed by OSEO and the French Ministry of Research.