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Batman Arkham Knight
image bat

  • Client : Warner Bros

  • Services : Translation & audio
  • Languages : DE
  • Platform : 
  • Launch : 2015









«  The German dubbing is one of the best our team has listened to in the past few years. Whether it's Batman or a villain, a civillian or a news presenter, the German actors deliver a masterclass. In some parts, they even sing in German, which works astonishingly well.»


« Only the slightly wooden faces seem outdated, the genre-competition is a fair bit ahead here. This doesn't spoil the first-rate atmosphere though, which is supported as usual by strong German voice actors and a solid soundtrack.»


"Excellent German voice actors"»


« The German voice actors leave nothing to chance in this third installment. With regards to intonation, pronunciation and dedication/commitment they are on par with the English version.»
« Outstanding voice actors»
The German language version impresses with credible voices that are a perfect match for their respective characters.
In contrast to Arkham Origins, the audio mix is well done,  allowing the English and German voices to demonstrate/show their full potential. This diverts from the rare cases of non-lipsynch.
The cineastic staging might not work in every game, but so much the better here and it's a reminder of the amazing films. The great German voice actors are certainly contributing their part, even though the dialogue is a bit cheesy in parts…
The German localization is solid - Batman sounds a bit wooden, as he does in the English original and is probably done on purpose.