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The Witcher 2image The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Walk in the shoes of the witcher Geralt of Rivia in this action RPG in a medieval-fantasy world where conflict and treachery reign supreme. Your decisions will have a real influence on the chain of events and the world. Followed by his trusty companions, Geralt embarks on a quest to prove his innonce in the king's murder and track down the true assassin. Little does he know he will wind up in a brewing conflict between kingdoms.
  • Client: CD Projekt RED

  • Services: Translation & Dubbing
  • Languages: FR
  • Platform: PC/Xbox 360
  • Launch: 2011

Press reviews

joystiq magazine
"It's plain simple, I don't remember having encountered a French dubbing this good ever before in a video game. The actors are always in the right tone when they have to add a little touch of drama to an event or when they need to alleviate the situation after several emotion-laden sequences."

"The French localization is of outstanding quality."